Tales from Nightingales – Latest Issue

Guests, Friends, and Family,

The year of the pandemic is coming to a close, and I’m happy to say, Nightingales is back in business. Oregon Shakespeare Festival opened July 1st with an incredible performance of “Fannie,” running through October 9th, in the Elizabethan Theatre, Thursdays through Saturdays. OSF will also be holding concerts in Lizzie on Wednesday nights, and, for the first time, they will be presenting a holiday play. The Tudor Guild gift shop is open, and I’m doing my volunteer cashier shifts that I love so much. The wineries are overflowing with music, play readings, and other types of entertainment. Britt Festival tickets are on sale for a number of concerts. Jacksonville shops and restaurants are popping. Our wonderful restaurants – Kobe, Martinos, Ostras, Peerless, Cucina Biazzi, Mezcals, among others – are open and have lovely outdoor seating as well as indoor. Cabaret is having a delightful season; “Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story” is running through September 5th, followed by a fun-filled season going through New Year’s. In addition, Ashland offers hiking, biking, walking in our beautiful Lithia Park, Rogue River trips, and shopping. Something new this summer will be a history walk and an art walk.

Here at Nightingales, you’ll see some big changes. Darrell single-handedly built an amazing garage, fenced the yard, and is currently working on decking. I wrote a book, The Diary of an Extraordinarily Ordinary Woman and Her Rather Eccentric Sister, available through Amazon, your local bookstore, here at Nightingales, and the Tudor Guild gift shop. I’m currently at work on two other books, I Remember Dale, and the first in a mystery series, The Court Reporter Always Gets the Last Word.

As a reminder, our amenities are wine and snacks nightly; coffee, tea, pastries, fruit and yogurts available throughout the day. I’ve worked out some new breakfast menus to delight your palate, along with perfecting my mimosas. We’ve upgraded our rooms with all new linens, and Paintbrush is sporting new window treatments.

This year we’ve gone to a two-night minimum with no deposit. Book your reservations as soon as possible, and be sure to book any other reservations you may want in Ashland, as well, including wineries. B&B’s and restaurants are rapidly filling up, and events are frequently sold out. Frankly, if you plan on visiting Ashland in 2022, I would advise you to book now. We are entering into the Roaring Twenties. People are anxious to get out and have fun. I’ve ordered my Flapper dress, and I’m ready to party!

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!


P.S. Check out our website, nightingalesinn.com, for more information.